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With sterling academic credentials and a unique ability to translate complex concepts into exciting and relatable content, Dr. Fridland has been invited to speak by groups that range from corporate/professional groups and bar associations to women in construction management, music enthusiasts, mindfulness groups, life-long learning programs and media associations.


Her talks and webinars have covered topics as varied as powerful/powerless language styles, language awareness and linguistic bias, language and the mind, language in the law and even esoteric topics like dialects in punk pop songs.

Some broad topic areas she can discuss include:


  • Language in the workplace

  • Linguistic awareness in interview/corporate contexts

  • The language of men and women

  • Language in legal contexts

  • Child and teen talk

  • Language and social life

  • Powerful and powerless language styles

  • Linguistic profiling and linguistic bias

Contact Dr. Fridland to speak at your event.


School/educational visits 

Dr. Fridland also enjoys talking about linguistics to students in middle and high schools as a mentor with the non-profit Mentor Project.  To request a virtual visit to a school, please contact The Mentor Project at  

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